Michael Cohea is a freelance multimedia producer and photographer based in Providence, R.I.

During his numerous years as a photojournalist, Cohea has been yelled at, lied to, had doors slammed in his face and been threatened with bodily harm, all in the name of getting the best photograph possible. But in this changing world of online media, photographs alone, no matter how many risks were taken to get them, are not enough to hold the attention of readers. Maintaining readers' interest now requires a variety of interactive features, including audio slideshows, videos, and engaging storytelling.

Cohea is a graduate of the University of Montana School of Journalism, where he majored in photojournalism. Despite deep West Coast roots and an affinity for watching large trout rise on a dry fly, Cohea currently resides in Providence, R.I. and is a multimedia producer and photographer at a local university.

Contact him at: 518.932.4384 | mikecohea@gmail.com

Cohea is available for assignments throughout the United States and beyond.

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